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New member
10:43 am
Thu February 23, 2012

Board Taps Lewis to Fill Vacancy

The long-time leader of a non-profit agency will soon join the Warren County Board.

Michael Lewis is the CEO of Warren Achievement. It provides services for the developmentally disabled. He will retire from that post in a year.

Board Chairman Bill Reichow said Lewis brings an ideal mix of qualities to the position.

He said, “He (Lewis) ran a very good ship over the years. That's an organization that we're very proud and happy to have here in the county. So he comes to us, I'd say, highly regarded in a lot of areas. He is certain to be an asset to our county board.”

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Bushnell Insurance
8:50 am
Thu February 23, 2012

Bushnell Responds to Employees Complaints

Bushnell city employees are saying the city did not tell them how much this year's health insurance coverage would cost them.

This year's plan provides a $500 deductible. The city pays 80% of the next $7,000 is costs. Employees can pay up to $1,900 in health care. That's about $400 more than under the current plan.
Mayor Steve Russell said the city is asking employees to submit their questions-and complaints-to city hall in writing. The deadline is February 29th.    

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$45K Payment
5:44 pm
Wed February 22, 2012

Watson Resignation Details Revealed

Daniel Watson
Photo from Macomb School District website

We now know more about the resignation agreement between Daniel Watson and the Macomb School District.

The Board of Education during its February meeting approved the agreement. It breaks down as follows:

*$32,279.72 as compensation while he was still employed by the district during the current school year;

*$11,562.09 as front pay (minus deductions);

*A lump sum of $1,500.00 as compromise of claims.

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Federal waivers
4:57 pm
Wed February 22, 2012

Hammond Says Medicaid Reform Bill is Key to Cuts

State Representative Norine Hammond says Illinois could save about half the Medicaid money the governor targeted in his budget address.

Governor Pat Quinn wants to cut $2.7 billion from Medicaid spending for next fiscal year.

Hammond said Quinn signed a bill into law  about a year ago that tightened Medicaid eligibility requirements. The changes never took effect because the state needed a federal waiver first. The waiver request was denied.

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Tough choices
4:16 pm
Wed February 22, 2012

State Faces Hard Choices for Budget Reform

In his budget address, Governor Pat Quinn, said three-quarters of Illinois'  pension burden is for people who don't work for the state. It covers some of the pension costs for teachers and others who are employees of local government bodies.

State Senator John Sullivan (D-47)  said the state must bring all the stakeholders to the negotiating table to find a long-term solution to funding pensions.

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