Lee County Jail

Needed to Join FM Sewer System
4:30 pm
Tue March 26, 2013

Lee County Seeks DNR Permit for Jail

The Lee County Correctional Center

Lee County is seeking state permission to replace the current sewer system at its jail.

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Extra $$ for Sewer
8:49 pm
Thu February 21, 2013

Lee County Borrowing Jail Money

Lee County Jail

The Lee County Board of Supervisors has signed off on the county borrowing up to $650,000 to expand the jail to accommodate more female inmates.

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First Increase in 10 Years
9:37 pm
Wed February 6, 2013

Lee County Boosts Jail Rate

The Lee County Board of Supervisors

Lee County wants to collect more money from the people who use its jail the most.

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$450,000 Price Tag
9:36 am
Wed January 30, 2013

Lee County Could Borrow Jail Money

It appears Lee County has come up with a way to pay for a planned expansion of the county jail.

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Rise in Female Population
10:30 pm
Wed October 10, 2012

Lee County Adding Cells

Lee County is moving ahead with plans for a roughly $500,000 expansion of its jail.

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