Rich Egger

News Director

Rich is the News Director at Tri States Public Radio. Rich grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago but now calls Macomb home. Rich has a B.A in Communication Studies with an Emphasis on Radio, TV, and Film from Northern Illinois University. Rich came to love radio in high school where he developed his “news nerdiness” as he calls it. Rich’s high school had a radio station called WFVH, which he worked at for a couple years. In college, Rich worked at campus station WKDI for three years, spinning tunes and serving at various times as General Manager, Music Director and Operations Manager. Before being hired as Tri States Public Radio’s news director in 1998, Rich worked professionally in news at WRMN-AM/WJKL-FM in Elgin and WJBC-AM in Bloomington. In Rich’s leisure time he loves music, books, cross-country skiing, rooting for the Cubs and Blackhawks, and baking sugar frosted chocolate bombs. His future plans include “getting some tacos.”


Obama's Presidency
1:53 pm
Sun January 20, 2013

Looking Back and Looking Ahead for the President

President Barack Obama

A political scientist believes President Barack Obama’s biggest accomplishment during his first term contributed to his greatest failure.

Keith Boeckelman, chair of the Political Science Department at Western Illinois University, said the top achievement was clearly passage of the Affordable Care Act, which will create a national healthcare program.

“Democratic presidents have been trying this since at least Harry Truman and none have been successful and a lot have expended a lot of political capital. He (Obama) was able to get this through,” Boeckelman said.

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12:57 pm
Sun January 20, 2013

King, Sr Talks About His Son

Martin Luther King, Sr
Credit University of Georgia

In observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Tri States Public Radio takes you back to a speech given by the father of the slain civil rights leader.

In 1975, Martin Luther King, Sr. visited the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to talk about the role of religion in the civil rights movement, and his son’s tireless work.

King said he bears no ill will for his son's killer.

“I am determined that I’m not going to let nothing get me down. I’m determined that I’m not going to let hate take me over and destroy me,” King said.

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Film Festival in Macomb
6:53 pm
Thu January 17, 2013

Cornfed – The Sequel

Organizers of the Cornfed Film Fest in Macomb believe their debut was a hit so they’re preparing a sequel.

Committee member Nancy Crossman said organizers are working to make Cornfed even bigger and better this year.

“We’re hoping that this year we’ll have almost all independent films,” Crossman said.

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Where Fresh Is
5:47 pm
Thu January 17, 2013

Illinois Promoting Local Foods

"Buy Illinois!" That's the message the state's Department of Agriculture has for consumers.

The state is promoting the idea by encouraging grocery stores and farmers' markets to take part in its new "Where Fresh Is" campaign.

Jennifer Tirey of the Agriculture Department said Illinois shoppers are more inclined to buy food if they know it's grown on Illinois farms. 

"It's always great to be a fan, a consumer, a purchaser of those locally-grown, fresh fruits and vegetables," said Tirey.

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Faculty Association
6:48 pm
Wed January 16, 2013

Intent to Strike Notice at SRC

The Spoon River College Faculty Association said its members don’t want to strike. But they’ve taken action to ensure that option is on the table.

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