Rich Egger

News Director

Rich is the News Director at Tri States Public Radio. Rich grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago but now calls Macomb home. Rich has a B.A in Communication Studies with an Emphasis on Radio, TV, and Film from Northern Illinois University. Rich came to love radio in high school where he developed his “news nerdiness” as he calls it. Rich’s high school had a radio station called WFVH, which he worked at for a couple years. In college, Rich worked at campus station WKDI for three years, spinning tunes and serving at various times as General Manager, Music Director and Operations Manager. Before being hired as Tri States Public Radio’s news director in 1998, Rich worked professionally in news at WRMN-AM/WJKL-FM in Elgin and WJBC-AM in Bloomington. In Rich’s leisure time he loves music, books, cross-country skiing, rooting for the Cubs and Blackhawks, and baking sugar frosted chocolate bombs. His future plans include “getting some tacos.”


Investigation Continues
6:40 pm
Mon March 4, 2013

Boy Killed in Dog Attack


Galesburg police say they are still investigating a dog attack that killed a seven-year old boy.

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John Mann
3:13 pm
Mon March 4, 2013

Award Winning Poet Changed Course After 9/11 Attacks

John Mann

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 affected Americans in many different ways. For poet John Mann, it completely changed the focus of his writing.

“My previous work, I basically wrote nature poems. They were fine. I like them. But looking back on that pre-9/11 work, it strikes me as fairly conventional,” Mann said.

“These new poems had a greater intensity for me and were more firmly engaged with history and the political process and the things we were going through.”

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Emphasis – March 1
11:01 am
Fri March 1, 2013

Women’s History Month

Janine Cavicchia
Credit Rich Egger

Rich Egger’s guest on Emphasis is Janine Cavicchia, Director of the Women’s Center at Western Illinois University. They talk about Women’s History Month, which takes place during March.

“Women have always been a part of history, but they haven’t always been a part of the history textbooks and lessons and common knowledge,” Cavicchia said.

Cavicchia believes there is now a greater recognition of women’s contributions, but many are still overlooked. She said their accomplishments should be recognized year-round, but WHM is chance to bring extra attention to their work.

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New Superintendent
9:11 pm
Wed February 27, 2013

Twomey Hired to Lead Macomb Schools

Dr Patrick Twomey is all smiles after being hired as Macomb school superintendent
Credit Rich Egger

The new Macomb School District 185 superintendent won’t wait long to begin work.

Dr Patrick Twomey will start in Macomb on May 1 as assistant superintendent before becoming superintendent on July 1. Twomey said this will allow him to work with retiring Superintendent Dr Alene Reuschel.

“This will give us an opportunity professionally to spend a little bit of time together during that transition time to make it as smooth as possible, which will do nothing but benefit the kids of the district,” said Twomey.

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Macomb Primary Results
9:59 pm
Tue February 26, 2013

Every Vote Counts in Macomb Election

Credit Rich Egger

There will be two run-off elections for Macomb city council seats.

The closest race in the February 26 primary took place in the Ward 2, where Western Illinois University student Steve Wailand edged incumbent Kay Hill, 17 to 16.

However, County Clerk Gretchen DeJaynes pointed out that in order to win outright in the Macomb primary, a candidate must earn 50% of the vote plus one. In the second ward, 33 votes were cast, which means 16.5 is equivalent to 50%. The “plus one” brings the threshold to 17.5 votes needed to win.

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