ordinance violation http://tristatesradio.com en Higher Fines Possible in Macomb http://tristatesradio.com/post/higher-fines-possible-macomb <p>It could soon cost more if you violate certain ordinances in Macomb.<br><br>City staff researched the fines charged in other college towns in Illinois and drafted a proposal for aldermen to review.<br><br>“We're not trying to target anybody unless they target us,” said Seventh Ward Alderman Clay Hinderliter. “If they choose to do the right thing, everything will be fine.”<br><br>Aldermen will hold first reading of the changes on Tuesday, September 4.<br><br>For the most part, the fines will increase $50 if aldermen approve the changes.<br> Tue, 28 Aug 2012 00:50:23 +0000 Rich Egger 20663 at http://tristatesradio.com Higher Fines Possible in Macomb