driving under the influence http://tristatesradio.com en High Court: A Swerve Justifies Traffic Stop http://tristatesradio.com/post/high-court-swerve-justifies-traffic-stop <p>The Illinois Supreme Court has issued a ruling that says police can pull someone&nbsp; over for a DUI stop even if the driver drifts only slightly out&nbsp; of his/her lane.<br /><br />The case dates back to 2008, when a Will County Sheriff&#39;s deputy saw Dennis Hackett twice move his car from the left lane &quot;slightly&quot; into the right lane.<br /><br />The deputy pulled over Hackett and arrested him on drunken driving charges.<br /> Mon, 09 Jul 2012 18:31:02 +0000 Rich Egger 17981 at http://tristatesradio.com High Court: A Swerve Justifies Traffic Stop